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Lead me toward the way

The story of started many years ago - maybe more than I can remember - when I realized that I am much more a 'giver' than a 'taker'.

Since then, and all over the many years that passed, I've gained a lot of experience and insights that lead me to understand that I have the power, knowledge, and will to help others finding their way and helping them get on track and go forward with it.

Would you let me lead you toward your way?

- Do you need advice about your career? need help with your CV?

- Is the (more and more becoming) technological world challenges you and do you need assistance with it?

- Are you stuck with a project at work that you need help in putting back on track?

- Does your startup company (or even your corporate) needs someone to:

- look at your company (from a bird-view or even much deeper) and give some insights into it?

- lead a project that will make an impact?

- establish stable development-to-production processes and procedures (usually referred to as CI/CD pipelines)?

- help you change the way the company employees work and see it?

If you answered 'yes' to at least one of the above questions, feel free to contact me, and together we will find a way where will lead you toward your way.

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